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  • Vision Statement
    Darjeeling Ladenla Road Prerna (DLR Prerna) believes in a world that sees the need to live as ...

  • Mission statement
    Our mission is to build sustainable human communities in the Darjeeling hills and the adjoining areas ...

  • Strategic Goals
    Strategic Goals 1. Promote, facilitate and strengthen people's organisations.
    2. Promote sustainable agro-ecology and appropriate technology


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Darjeeling's development needs and concerns have never been properly articulated. Development initiatives have been undertaken without taking into consideration the socio-ecological uniqueness of Darjeeling. DLR Prerna's focus in the Darjeeling Hills is not only an emotional attachment to the roots of the organization, but from the need that arises from deep analysis ....


DLR Prerna's active involvement in the Fairtrade movement in tea gardens and small farmer collectives is a strategic choice of contributing to sustainable development models with a specific focus on equity. This contribution is being made at the local with communities and international level. A move is being initiated to connect producers with consumers ...


10th Permaculture Design Course in the Darjeeling Hills,
8 November to 21 November 2013
Complete Ecological Design Curriculum
Accredited Certification ...


Societies Registration Act of West Bengal XXVI of 1961 as Darjeeling Ladenla Road Prerna dated 13th March 2001,Registration Number S/IL/2639

Registered under Income Tax Exemption 12 A



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