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Climate Change Resilience in Sittong II - CASA

Working in partnership with CASA, this three-year project is working in six villages within a single watershed in Sittong II in Kurseong subdivision. Current climate change scenarios are already having a huge impact on small and marginal farmers in the region. In this project there is a focus on leadership building within existing community based organisation, enabling linkage and leverage to entitlements as a menat of climate adaptation. WE also support capacity building on climate smart agro-ecology in order to strengthen food and livelhihood security. By combining technical trainings on agrobiodiversity, soil, rainwater harvesting and organic agriculture with a focus on leadership, rights and entitlements, advocacy and network building, the project is based on building the knowledge and resources of the farmers and the village level institutions.

By stacking this intervention with our support from Global Greengrants Fund, which provides technical trainings on climate smart agriculture and documenting micro-climate changes [see more here] we are able to maximise the impact of our work.

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