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Support to other organisations

DLR Prerna provides technical, organisational development, as well as implementing support to other organisations. This support can be short term or long term one. The rationale for this support is that the civil society movement in the Darjeeling Hills is very nascent and support in the local language is not easy to come by. The support also enables us to build a larger voice to address the issues of the Darjeeling Hills. The support is based on the ideology of DLR Prerna of environmental sustainability, equity and participation. The support has been provided to NGOs as well as community groups.

DLR Prerna initiated and implemented Anugyalaya DDSSS ( from 2001 to 2006 and today works in partnership.

DLR Prerna is one of the founding members of Darjeeling NGO Network which started in November 1999. Member NGO’s share resources, experiences and activities; promote advocacy and networking; and build the capacity of member organizations to accomplish their missions. The members have diverse focus areas of activity but have come together to use their resources to increase the effectiveness of their interventions.

DLR Prerna has provided support to other organisations like, Darjeeling Sparsh; Shanker Foundation DjNP+ , Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Samelan, Mary Ward Development Centre and Hayden Hall in Darjeeling and Roshinalaya School of Social Work, Mangalore especially in developing organisational strategies.

Capacity Enhancement

1. Community Animators Training:
DLR Prerna since 2003 has designed and implemented a training programme for community animators. The training imparts basic content and skills for community mobilisation, analysis, planning and facilitating community actions based on their experiences and resource towards sustainability and equity. The training has been facilitated to different project community animators of DLR Prerna, Anugyalaya DDSSS and other organisations.

2. Organisational Development and Strategic Planning:
DLR Prerna since 2003 has facilitated organisational development and strategic plan processes with NGOs in the Darjeeling Hills like Anugyalaya DDSSS, Darjeeling Sparsh, Shanker Foundation DjNP+, Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Samelan, Mary Ward Development Centre, Edith Wilkins Street Children Trust, Hayden Hall and Roshnilaya School of Social Work, Mangalore. The process is based on reflection of the organisational past, the context they work in and then developing their vision, mission, strategies, activity plans and monitoring evaluation systems. The planning principle is based on participation. This process has been adapted for Community Based Organisations and their leaders with the inclusion of Social Analysis, Effective Communication and Participatory Leadership. In DLR Prerna project areas this has been made a cross cutting intervention spaced out in 6 months to a year’s time.

3. Self Help Groups:
DLR Prerna and Anugyalaya in 2004 undertook block level capacity building programmes for Block Officials and Panchayat Pradhans on Self Help Groups at all the Blocks within the Darjeeling Gorkha Autonomous Hill Council in partnership with the District Rural Development Cell. Teaching learning materials on Self Help Groups were also developed, which were used in the training programmes. They are: SHG conceptual background, SHG promoter’s manual, SHG promoter’s manual for facilitation. A SHG self-evaluation chart was also contextualised and improved for the Darjeeling Hill context. The SHG conceptual background is in English while the rest are in Nepali with pictorial representations, which can be used as flip charts. The training is focused on SHG promoters and decision makers.

4. Basics of Organic Farming:
DLR Prerna in 2004 developed a basic training programme on organic farming. It covers basic skills of soil management, compost making, integrated pest and disease management, use of indigenous micro-organisms, biodynamic farming and livestock management. The content also has governance systems of organic farming: farm diary, agricultural calendar, Internal Control and Regulations Systems for organic certification. The training is for progressive farmers who are chosen by the community representatives and have been undertaken not only by DLR Prerna partner communities but communities ATREE, and CHAI Project work with.

5. Internal Control and Regulation Systems for Organic Farming:
With increasing number of communities opting for organic farming and certification processes, DLR Prerna has developed a special training module for communities and organisations with some basics of organic farming being implemented focussing on governance and self regulation. Internal Control and Regulation Systems delineates roles and responsibilities of members and collective; develops governance systems and checks and balances for organic farming. This training has been facilitated with members of MEVDIR, Sikkim; Small Farmer Partners of TPI; Organic Ekta, Darjeeling; Small Farmer Collectives of East Nepal and partner communities of DLR Prerna.

6. Basics of Permaculture:
Basics of Permaculture is being offered in Nepali since 2009 especially to people who have undergone the basics of organic farming and ICS and IRS training. Project partners of DLR Prerna, Organic Ekta, TPI garden workers and Small Farmer Partners have taken the course.

7. Fairtrade principle and standards implementation for Hired Labour and Small Farmers:
DLR Prerna in 2007 developed a training of trainers programme on Participatory Planning, Leadership, Community action and reflection with specific reference to Fairtrade Principles and Standards for Hired Labour and Small Farmers. Currently this training is being facilitated with 8 tea gardens and 4 small farmer collective partners of Tea Promoters India, Pvt Ltd.