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CHAI Phase V: Brewing Change in Tea and Botanical Origin Communities - Starbucks

CHAI - Community Health Action Initiative

With the support of Starbucks, and working with tea suppliers,our community health programme is now in its 10th year. In the current project cycle, we are working to improve the lives of 4,000 people living in and adjacent to tea and botanical growing communities through improved water and sanitation, youth leadership and economic development activities.

This year we are working in Dooteriah Tea Estate to build a total of 15 water collection and distribution systems. As well as providing communities support with infrastructure development, including catchment, distribution pipes and holding tanks, community members are also trained on aspects of the spring and aquifer system, ground water management and water quality. We are working with community members and community based organisations to form WASH committees who are responsible for management and maintenance of the water system.

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In addition to the water systems, we are working with families to build 300 two--pit latrines at household level to ensure access to improved sanitary facilities to 1500 people.
We are working in six primary schools delivering health and hygiene training to improve hygiene practices of the community.

We are also providing vocational training to 50 youth in reputed training centres with work placements.

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