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CHHIP - Broadleaf HEA

Comprehensive Health and Hygiene Improvement Programme

In partnership with Broadleaf Health and Education Alliance Darjeeling Prerna has been implementing this innovative health and education improvement programme in the Darjeeling Hills since 2014.

This evidence based approach, developed by Denna Matergia, Masters in Elementary Education and Michael Matergia MD (Harvard) and former Clinton Fellow at the American India Foundation, is a data driven model for ensuring comprehensive school health. This innovative model is based on the idea that in each village there are talented and committed individuals who can support the health and well-being of the children in their community. Using this human resource delivery model, CHIIP works to identify and then train and support these individuals to deliver last mile health education and services at a village level.


The programme has three interrelated components created for implementation in rural primary schools.

  1. Improvements to School Health Environments
  2. Health and Hygiene Education
  3. Primary Health Services Intervention

All three components rely on the CHHIP trained health workers, or School Health Activists (SHAs).
To date, in the pilot and development phase, CHHIP has trained 4 SHAs and has worked with over 2000 students in 10 schools.

You can find out more about CHHIP here.

Broadleaf HEA have received numerous awards in recognition of their innovative approach to school health, and Darjeeling Prerna are excited to be working in partnership with them as we work to expand the scale and reach of this groundbreaking approach.
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