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Darjeeling Water and Sanitation Project - Twinings

[Improvement of Health and Livelihoods in rural Darjeeling]

With the support of Twinings, Darjeeling Prerna as part of its CHAI Project is working to improve health and livelihoods in Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate.

We are working with communities to build water collection and distribution systems, primarily from springs, giving people access to reliable filtered spring/stream water in their villages. We are also supporting community members to build sanitary, household latrines. These water systems, combined with training on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, are reducing the incidence of water-borne disease, improving sanitation and hygiene practices, and drastically reducing time spent on water collection.


The project also supports diversification of livelihood opportunities for non-tea workers who are resident on tea estates. Underemployment has led to huge out-migration, with impacts on family and community life. Following assessment, dairy was identified as a profitable livelihood option, so we are providing skill building training and capacity enhancement on dairy management. In addition to training, farmers can also access some financial support and linkages to other programmes in order to improve infrastructure and add new cows.